Graceful aging: Take control of your future!

I find the term “anti-aging medicine” leaves people with a sense of vanity.  I once thought the same!  But I have come to appreciate anti-aging medicine as a strategy to retain and regain vitality.  To that end, I have written a series of posts to share some of what I now know about aging and vitality.


Integrated vitality: Body, Mind and Soul

I have attempted to address the concept of aging from three different vantage points: body, mind and spirit. This is because, while I have seen tremendous results when people work on just one aspect, the patients who have integrated all three vantage points have the most durable and remarkable results.  

Vitality is a hard-fought battle, but our own morbidity is more in our control than we believe.  The battlefield is littered with choices of our own making—habits are hard to break and cannot be undone without awareness… but your future doesn’t have to be a repeat of your past.  Look upon past mistakes not as failures, but as seed for wisdom.  I hope that these introductory pieces on aging will not only share knowledge, but somehow inspire you to retain or regain more vitality in your life.  


Your personal anti-aging medicine

To learn more, contact me today, and we can discuss your personal plan for vitality and health.

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